Unlock Huawei E1550 - Idea Netsetter

Unlock Huawei E1550 - Idea Netsetter

Unlocking Idea Netsetter to any operator:

        Huawei E1550 - Idea Netsetter is particularly locked to the idea network, if we try to use another operators SIM card in it ,the modem becomes locked so we cant use any SIM card even a idea itself after it is locked. we need to go nearest service center to unlock it...

"Imagine if we unlock it using some tricks,and able to use any networks SIM card even a 3G supported network !!"

Then congratulation !! you are here at right place...

follow the following steps..

1]  Requirements.
  • IMEI Number [Search On Device]
  • Unlocking Tools.
  • Modem Firm Ware.
Download Huawei Firmware and Unlocking Tool from here: [Download] ..

Huawei E1550 3G Idea Net Setter.

2]  After downloading of Huawei E1550 Unlock Tool.zip file unzip it's content you will find 4 files:
      1) E155XUpdate_11.608.13.02.00.B418.exe
      2) HUAWEI MODEM Code Writer.exe
      3) Huawei Unlocker.exe
3]  Run  Huawei Unlocker.exe
Unlock Code Generator.
Copy Flash[Firmware Unlock] and Nck [Network Unlock] code somewhere or keep it running...

  • Double click the E155XUpdate_11.608.13.02.00.B418.exe
  • Enter your 8 digit flash code
     follow further on screen instruction and complete setup....
now your Netsetter is  unlocked to firmware, to unlock network please continue to step 5...

                   1. Remove the SIM card and connect the USB Modem to the PC

                   2. Run the HUAWEI_MODEM_Code_Write

                   3. click - Please Select Com Port

                   4. click detect and slect your modem from list then click accept

                   5. click Unlock Modem and enter your 8 digit unlock code

                   6. click OK.....  

Congratulations !! your Idea Net Setter is now unlocked to any network...

Tata Docomo 3G HSDPA Internet In Idea Netsetter.


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